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It Must Be Love
Ty Herndon

I just dropped her off
I'm thinkin' oh what a night
I oughta be flying
But I'm sittin' here at this green light

I thought I was in control
Thought I knew where I wanted to go
She's got me turned inside out
I'm wondering what it's all about

Is she there in your dreams
I don't know, I can't sleep
Is she breaking your heart
Yeah, but isn't it sweet
Does she know how you feel
It's right on the tip of my tongue
Are you walking on air
Well, I'm sure feelin' tall
Does she trouble your mind
It's no trouble at all
Well I don' t know, but something tells me
It must be love

I just missed my turn
Guess I'm not thinking straight
Oh, and what's with this car
It's driving me back to her place

I'm out here circling around
I've already covered this ground
These feelings just can't be denied
So what I am a trying to decide

Chorus x2

I don't know but something tells me
Oh, I don't know but something tells me it must be love

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