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The Thirty-two Counties
Traditional Irish Songs

Here's to Donegal and her people brave and tall
Here's to Antrim, to Leitrim and to Derry
Here's to Cavan and to Louth, here's to Carlow in the South
Here's to Longford, to Waterford, and Kerry

Then clink your glasses, clink
'Tis a toast for all to drink
And let every voice join in the chorus
For Ireland is our home
And wherever we may roam
We'll be true to the dear land that bore us

Here's to Tyrone, where O'Neill long held his own
Here's to Monaghan, Fermanagh and Kildare, boys!
Here's to her whose stroke broke the hated Penal yoke
And you know that's the brave County Clare, boys


Here's to Sligo and to Down, and Armagh of old renown
Here's to Kilkenny famed in story
Here's to Wexford by the sea, that near set old Ireland free
And here's to Royal Meath in all her glory


Here's to Galway and Mayo, that never feared a foe
Here's to Wicklow, its peaks and its passes
Here's to Limerick famed to all for its well-defended wall
And still more for the beauty of its lasses


Here's to gallant Cork, the next county to New York
Here's to Roscommon bright and airy
Here's to Westmeath, where a tyrant scarce can breathe
And here's to unconquered Tipperary


Queens County too we'll toast, and Kings for both can boast
They are spots the invaders got some trouble in!
And now to finish up, fill a bright and brimming cup
And we'll drink, boys, to jolly little Dublin!

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