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The Men Behind The Wire
Traditional Irish Songs

Armored cars and tanks and guns came to take away our sons!
But every man must stand behind the men behind the wire!

In the little streets of Belfast, in the dark of early morn
British soldiers came a-running, wrecking little homes with scorn
Hear the sobs of crying children, dragging fathers from their beds
Watch the scenes as helpless mothers watch the blood fall from their heads


Not for them a judge or jury, nor for them a crime at all
Being Irish means they're guilty, so they're guilty one and all
Around the world the truth will echo: Cromwell's men are here again!
England's name again is sullied in the eyes of honest men


Proudly march behind our banner; proudly march behind our men!
We will have them free to help us build a nation once again!
Come the people, step together, proudly, firmly on your way
Never fear and never falter, till the boys come home to stay!


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