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Reilly's Daughter (2)
Traditional Irish Songs

As I was sitting by the fire
Talking to O'Reilly's daughter
Suddenly a thought came into my head
I'd like to marry O'Reilly's daughter

Giddy-i-ay, giddy-i-ay, giddy-i-ay
For the one eyed Reilly Giddy-i-ay (*clap *clap *clap)
Bang it on yer oul' bass drum

Reilly played on the big bass drum
Reilly had a mind for murder and slaughter
Reilly had a bright red glittering eye
And he kept that eye on his lovely daughter

Her hair was black and her eyes were blue
The colonel & the major & the captain sought her
The sergeant & the private & the drummer boy too
But they never had a chance with Reilly's daughter

I got me a ring & parson too
Got me a scratch in a married quarter
Settled me down to a peaceful life
Happy as a king with Reilly's daughter

Suddenly a foot step on the stair
Who whould it be but Reilly out for slaughter
With two pistols in his hands
Looking for the man who had married his daughter

I caught Old Reilly by the hair
Rammed his head in a pail of water
Fired his pistols in the air
A damned sight quicker than I married his daughter

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