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Macnamara's Band
Traditional Irish Songs

Oh, me name is MacNamara I'm the leader of the band
Although we're few in numbers we're the finest in the land
We play at wakes and weddings and at every fancy ball
And when we play at funerals we play the March From Saul

Chorus: Oh, the drums go bang and the cymbals clang
And the horns they blaze away
McCarthy pumps the old bassoon while I the pipes do play
And Hennessey Tennessee tootles the flute
And the music is something grand
A credit to old Ireland is MacNamara's band

Right now we are rehearsin' for a very swell affair
The annual celebration - all the gentry will be there
When General Grant to Ireland came, he took me by the hand
Says he,"I never saw the likes of MacNamara's band"

Oh! My name is Uncle Yulius and from Sweden I have come
To play with MacNamara's band and beat the big bass drum
And when I march along the street The ladies think I'm grand
They shout "There's Uncle Yulius playing with an Irish band"

Oh, I wear a bunch of shamrocks and a uniform of green
And I am the funniest lookin' Swede that you have ever seen
There's O'Briens and Ryans and Sheehans and Meehans
they come from Ireland, But by yimminy
I'm the only Swede in MacNamara's band

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