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If I Was A Blackbird
Traditional Irish Songs

I am a young maiden, my story is sad
For once I was courted by a brave sailin' lad
He courted me strongly, by night and by day
Oh, but now he has left me, and sailed far away

And if I was a blackbird I'd whistle and sing
And I'd follow the vessel my true love sails in
And on the top riggin' I would there build my nest
And I'd flutter my wings o'er his lily white breast


Well, he promised to take me to Donnybrook Fair
And to buy me red ribbons for to tie up my hair
And when he'd come home from the ocean so wide
He would take me, and make me, his own bonny bride


Now his parents they slight me, and will not agree
That me and my sailor boy married will be
But when he comes home, I will greet him with joy
And I'll take to my heart my dear sailor boy


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