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Boys Of Kilmichael
Traditional Irish Songs

[On 28th November 1920 a force of 18 Auxiliaries (military
part of Royal Irish Constabulary) were killed in an ambush at
Kilmichael in County Cork, by a Flying Column of the IRA, led
by 22 year old Tom Barry.]

On the twentyeighth day of November
the day that the tans left Macroom
they were loaded in two Crossley tenders
not knowing that they'd meet their doom
But when they came to Kilmichael
they suddenly came to a stop
for they met with the boys of the column
who made a clean sweep of the lot

Then over the hills went the echo
the peal of the rifle and gun
the flames from the lorries gave tidings
that the boys from Kilmichael had won

So here's to the boys of Kilmichael
those brave lads so gallant and true
who fought 'neath the green flag of Erin
and conquered the red, white and blue

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