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A Night To Remember
Traditional Irish Songs

[The Titanic went down on the night of Monday 15th April 1912, 4 days after
leaving the last European port, Queenstown outside Cork (now the Cobh of Cork).
She was built at Harland and Wolff shipyards in Belfast.]

She left Southampton that April morn' in 1912
With more than 2000 on board on her maiden voyage to hell
The largest ship the world ever had seen, an excess of luxury
The unsinkable queen of the White Star Line, a place as safe as can be

She crossed the rough Atlantic when on sunday approached Cape Race
Where lots of ships the whole day long signalled "Beware of the ice!"
But Captain Smith he didn't care, the warnings went unheard
No galeforce wind, no heavy swell, no ice would make him turn

She was a queen and a virgin bride, a gorgeous precious maid
And the peaceful sun lay over the shelves on that glorious April day
She was a queen and a virgin bride when she fought the ocean brave
Until the ice cut deep in her soul and she sank to her watery grave

'Twas just before the midnight hour when passengers noticed a jerk
A wave or a whale they clueless thought, but an iceberg the ship badly hurt
The whole side was cut 'neath the waterline and torn apart line tin
The unsinkable queen tilted up to the left and water filled her up the the brim

For passengers and crew aboard the death throes now begun
There were only lifeboats for half of them, the others all had to drown
Ten miles away the California lay, so close to prevent the worst
But her crew lay asleep in the cabins there, not far away the bulkheads burst

2.20 a.m. that misty morn' in 1912
The gleaming gem of the White Star Line sank down in her seabed to dwell
'Bout 1500 lost their lives and rest in icy grave
Just 700 lucky ones remind them in their prayers

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