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A Fenian Song
Traditional Irish Songs

[From Penguin Book of Canadian Folk Songs, Fowke.
In 1866, some 1200 Fenian troops, mostly from Meagher's Irish Brigade,
invaded Canada, crossing at Buffalo. The first Loyalist resistance
came from the Queen's Own Rifles, a Toronto-garrisoned force
consisting largely of young college gentlemen, and led by Colonel
Alfred Booker. The Loyalists were routed, in one of the Fenian's only

The Queen's Own Regiment was their name
From fair Toronto town they came
To put the Irish all to shame
The Queen's and Colonel Booker!

What fury fills each loyal mind!
No volunteer would stay behind
They flung their red rag to the wind
"Hurrah, my boys!" said Booker

Now helter skelter Ohio
See how they play that "heel and toe"!
See how they run from their Irish foe
The Queen's and Colonel Booker!

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