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That Ain't My Truck
Rhett Akins

She's been going out with him
She's been going out with me
She said she'd let us know by tonight
Which one it would be
So I waited by the phone
But she never called me up
Had to know what was goin' on
So, I drove by her house -- and sure enough

That ain't my truck in her drive
Man this ain't my day tonight
It looks like she's in love and I'm out of luck
That ain't my shadow on her wall
Lord this don't look good at all
That's my girl -- my whole world
But that ain't my truck

I pulled over by the curb
I've been sitting here all night
Wondering what it was I did so wrong
That he did so right
I've thought of breaking down her door
But there's nothing left to say
That Chevy four by four
Says it all sitting in my place

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