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A Thousand Memories
Rhett Akins

I can curse the day I met you
And say I never loved you
And swear I'm better off now
That you're not here with me
I can tell myself it's over
That somewhere there's another
Who'll take your place in my life
But it's all just make believe
I know its all just make believe

'Cause a thousand memories can't be wrong
One by one they're telling me to hang on
Truth is girl I've loved you all along
No a thousand memories can't be wrong

I don't need to see your picture
Or read your old love letters
To know the fool that I've been
I'm reminded all the time
I don't need to drive by your house
Or go to our old hangouts
To know the love I'm missing
It's always on my mind
Girl you're always on my mind

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