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Even A Fool Can See
Peter Cetera

One big happy family
Together the rest of our lives
As far as our friends were concerned
Everything seemed right

But that's when she told me
She told me it's time to move on
Something that she kept inside
That told me the thrill was gone

And (Still) now I can't believe
I can't believe it's over
Suddenly it's plain to see
She's leaving me and
(She doesn't need me)

Even a fool can see
There's nothing left between us
I knew all along something was wrong
But I did my best to deny it
And now I can't go home
She wants to live alone so
Tell anyone who misses me that I'm alright
Even a fool can see

There were times we had nothing
And somehow we laughed through it all
There are moments I'll never forget
And some I wouldn't care to recall

Nothing more to talk about
It's over when it's over
In the end you both stop trying
In the end it's oh so sad
And you are crying

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