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Rock 'N' Roll Mercenaries
Meat Loaf

Talking, talking - wealth, talking - money, talking - power
Talking - horses, talking - fun, talking - self, talking - power
Talking - diamonds, talking - ego, talking - man, talking - wealth
And talking - power (repeats)
Money is power, power is fame
Talking about rock 'n' roll mercenaries
Soldiers of fortune by some other name
I'm talking about rock 'n' roll mercenaries
Money is power, 'n' power is fame

Everything you pay to hear - just listen
Everything to catch your ear - just listen
Whatever it takes, they're ready to sell
Anything and everything they do it themselves
Young are the victims so easily swayed (slain)
As some given are poisoned, all continuous placed
Our conscience is a load, so heavy to carry,
For a rock 'n' roll mercenary

It starts with a game, see how they play
Till all of the laughter is faded away
It's not for the song, it's not for the love
It's just for the gold and there's never enough
Never enough
It's not for the song, it's not for the love
It's just for the gold, there's never enough
Rock 'n' roll mercenaries
Talking, talking (repeats out)
Rock 'n' roll mercenaries - ooh, talkin' about
Rock 'n' roll mercenaries... (to fade)

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