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Fallen Angel
Meat Loaf

I took one look and something snapped I said I love your eyes --
You took my heart you took my breath away --
I felt my temperature rise you said you've never loved a man this
That it was heaven you were to stay

But now you're just another fallen angel
And I hope that the fall didn't do you no harm
And now you're just another fallen angel
Falling into -- somebody else's arms

I took one look and I was paralyzed and was in paradise--
I must admit that when I first laid eyes you had me hypnotized --
You said I'm sorry but I don't say much
But I'm in heaven when I feel your touch

Follow your own road baby I'll be there when you need me
To love and to comfort and what he got ain't
Enough to keep you in the air
Angel, I'll be there

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