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Bad Attitude
Meat Loaf

They say you never come home
Boy you been driving too fast
When you gonna shape up
How long is this gonna last
You may be laughin' today
But listen to some good advice
Take a look at tomorrow in a workin' man's weary eyes
You gotta pick a career
Go for the gold
Smile for the camera
Do what you're told
Well you can take away the ladder cuz I ain't gonna climb it
If there's a stairway to heaven I swear I'm gonna find it

Yeah there are winners and outlaws
And leaders and lovers
Behind every man in the news
And one thing I know is behind everyone
There's a boy who had nothing to lose
Behind every man who has somethin' to say
There's a boy who had nothing to prove
Every hero was once
Every villain was once
Just a boy with a bad attitude
Every hero was once
Every villain was once
Just a boy with a bad attitude

She says you never call
How come you're actin' so tough
You either hold me so tight
Or you don't hold me enough
Don't be afraid a' me angel
I ain't about to clip your wings
Just put your feet on the ground
And your arms around the real thing
You gotta love me for keeps
Feather the neat
Plan for the future
Gimmee your best
But we're never gonna have a normal family life
Steamin' up and down the speedway on the back a' your bike

Bad attitude
You got us tearin' our hair
Such a bad attitude
Boy you just don't seem to care
We try to lay down the rules
But you were born to refuse
What's the world gonna do with a boy like you
You got it bad
You got a bad attitude

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