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I Will Wait
Ellen Rigas

Dreams on a golden thread
Fall softly to the ground
Words always left unsaid
Hang from a righteous crown
Deep in the forest of our days
There is an answer to these lonely ways
Follow htis highway to the end
It will lead you back to love again

And I will wait
And I will wait for you
And I will wait
And I will wait for you

Sleep in the arms of a forgotten reverie
Dance to the rapture of a distant melody
Down by the river you will find
All of the questions you have left behind
Light as a whisper on the breeze
Confess your longing to the wishing tree


Shadowed steps along the way
A laughing child will sing of yesterday
Velvet tongues will take you in
Beware the killing frost
And the chilling wind
There is an angel of the night
She will come to you by candlelight
Visit heaven on her wings
They say forever is a lovely thing


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