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Party Crowd
David Lee Murphy

She couldn't keep from cryin when she told me goodbye
I knew Lord it was breakin' her heart, and she was breakin mine
So for the sake of her feelings and the sake of my pride
I told her not to worry 'bout me
So I'm sittin here soakin' up the neon lights
Misery looking for some company

Tonight I'm lookin for a party crowd
Slammin' 'em back and laughing out loud
Where the smoke's so thick the blues can't hang around
With the jukebox a jumpin' like it just don't care
If they're dancin' over here or fightin over there
I'm makin' the rounds, looking for a party crowd

It'll dawn on me tomorrow wherever I wake up
I'll look back and try to recall just where the heck's my truck
So take my keys and lock em up tight, let the good times flow
I'll worry bout tomorrow when it comes to light
The night's still young and I'm on a roll


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