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Song For You And Me
Dave Binder

There's a small bird crying 'cause he can't get away
He's stuck in an oil slick, floating in the bay
And a fish dies from the rain falling down 'cause it's acid, and it's making him drown
And down by the shoreline, there's people hanging 'round
They're blinded by money, so they don't hear the sound

This song's for the ocean
This song's for the sky
Filled up with pollution
Watch it as it dies
This song's for the mountains, the valleys and the seas
This song is for you and me

There's a small boy lying dead on the ground
And his sister's crying, she weeps without a sound
As the mother looks on so helplessly
'Cause they're hungry, but there's nothing to eat
And you hear it on the radio and on the TV
They're saying 'Please Save The Children', are they talking to me?

This song's for the young ones whose voice is never heard
This is for the small ones whose dying is absurd
This is for the people who live in poverty
This song is for you and me

I was with them in Tiananmen Square
And in Moscow, I was with the people there
And in Poland and East Germany too
While they were tearing down the wall
I thought I caught a glimpse of you
Well, you think I might be crazy
I might have lost my mind
But I swear I saw McDonald's selling food on the size

This song's for the martyrs
Whose work is never done
Crying out for freedom
An idea whose time has come
This is for the people
Who look on helplessly
This song is for you and me

This song's for the ocean
This song's for the sky
This song's for the children much too young to die
This song's for the leaders who are just too blind to see, that
This song is for you and me

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