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On The Verge
Collin Raye

Well they shouldn't have played that good
I got carried away and let the music
Go to my head

Well she shouldn't have worn that dress
The way it curled around when she was spinning
Just killed me dead

My heart began to tell my body and my soul
That it had gotten in the mood to lose control

Oh no, when did neon lights turn into moonglow
When did that jukebox turn to a rainbow
I'm about to give into this urge
One more slow dance with her arms around me
One more long glance and nothing will slow down me
I got no chance, if I'm not in love I'm on the verge

All I wanted to be was cool
It ain't my style to overheat
Much less burn

But as we floated across the florr
All at once I flashed right past the point
Of no return

And when we said goodnight the sun was on the rise
And any stars that hadn't set had fallen in my eyes

Repeat Chorus

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