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Little Red Rodeo
Collin Raye

Well the note said you've had time to think about it
Looks like to me you're feeling kinda crowded
You're not looking for anything permanent here
So my Rodeo's packed and it's in goodbye gear

So I shot down to the Longhorn Diner
Her sister works there and she'd know where to find her
She said you did not hear this from me
All I'll say is momma's got that place out in Monterey

Oh how fast can I go
Gotta catch that little red Rodeo
She drove off with my heart I got to let her know
Need the girl in that little red Rodeo
Texas plates, candy apple red Rodeo

Two towns back I showed your photograph
And the gas station man just started to lauth
She said I might see you in this old bucket of rust
And said "Good luck boy just follow that cloud of dust"


Maybe I was stradling the fence just like she said
It took her leavin' just to get it through my head

She's the one and only
It's over, that's it
I'm committed
I'm in love and I'm desperate
She's a good ways gone but I'm closing the gap
If I have to I'll chase her clear across the map


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