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Gypsy Woman
Brian Hyland

From nowhere, through a caravan
Around the campfire light
Lovely woman in motion
With hair as dark as night
Her eyes were like that of a cannon toy
That hypnotized me with love

She was a gypsy woman
She was a gypsy woman

She danced around and 'round to a guitar melody
From the fire her face was all aglow
Oh, how I'd love to hold her near
And kiss and caress her in her ear:

I love you, gypsy woman
I love you, gypsy woman

All through the caravan
She was dancin' for all the men
Waitin' for the rising sun
Everyone was a-havin' fun
I hate to see the lady go
Though she'll never know
That I love her, I love her

Gypsy woman
(repeat and fade):
I love you, gypsy woman

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