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Postmarked Birmingham

I recognize the writing
On the plain white envelope
I've wondered where she'd wind up
Before she called or wrote
The answer's in a circle
Through the word love on a stamp
Postmarked Birmingham

I'd have bet on California
'Cause her sister's in Bel-Aire
Or I could see Seattle
With her mom and dad up there
She never mentioned Alabama
So I don't understand
Postmarked Birmingham

A two-page letter written on
Ramada stationary
Dated April twenty-two
She asked me not to hate her
Said she's sorry
But leavin's what she felt she had to do

So the day she left she made it
Two hundred miles south
Did she settle there, did she mail this note
On her way out of town
What chance is there to find her when the
Only clue I have is
Postmarked Birmingham


Every day down by the mailbox
Standin' on the curb I check
The upper right hand corner
Of every piece of mail I get
Hopin' there's that certain circle
Through the word 'Love' on a stamp
Postmarked Birmingham

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